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Our Team!

Dr. Robert Oak Jennings DC, DIACN, CFMP

     Dr. Robert Oak Jennings (known as Dr. Oak to his patients) is a man with one goal, to get people healthy! He is the treating physician here at Oak Health. He has spent his career learning the most effective ways to help patients at a multitude of health practices across the state of Florida, building a substantial rapport and fondness for treating children, the elderly, athletes, and everyone in between. 

     Dr. Oak is a homegrown Oviedo resident. His schooling began at Geneva Elementary School, followed by Jackson Heights Middle School, Oviedo High School, and UCF, where he received his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Sciences and Human Performance. Robert has always been drawn to sports and human performance.  Playing a variety of sports as a young man, he naturally took to Football, where his passion eventually led him to walk on to be a UCF Knights linebacker. 


     Upon finishing his bachelor’s degree at UCF, he felt a strong fervor to learn more about the human body. Dr. Oak was drawn to the chiropractic field because of its close relation with human mechanics and natural healing qualities. It was at this time that he enrolled at Palmer College of Chiropractic's. During his time at Palmer, Dr. Oak's love and passion for the field of Chiropractic's flourished, so much so that he enrolled into a post-doctoral program to learn more about the separate fields of Functional Neurology and Functional Medicine while still excelling in his Doctoral education and training. He then went on to graduate from Palmer College of Chiropractic (cum laude) and obtained his Board Certification in Functional Neurology (earning the prestigious title of Chiropractic Neurologist) as well as his certification in Functional Medicine in the years that followed. 


     Dr. Oak’s passion and drive to help people remains unfaltering. He still continues to pursue education and is working towards more academic achievements, accolades, and credentialing to this day. He has received in-depth training in a myriad of areas, including nutrition, neurology, extremity treatments, spinal correction, scoliosis, motor vehicle injury rehabilitation, and much more! Dr. Oak’s goal remains resolute, to help any patient in need find the answers they need to find true health.

     Riley Gibson is the Office Manager at Oak Health Family Chiropractic. A native to the Oviedo area, he grew up alongside Oviedo and has watched it's development, growing from a sleepy, rural town to a prominent city in Central Florida. He's an alumni of Geneva Elementary, Jackson Heights M.S., Oviedo H.S., and UCF, where he graduated with a bachelor's in Psychology. The human mind, how it functions, and what leads people to act and think the way that they do has always been of great interest to Riley. He has always cared deeply about people, and their health, and couldn't be more excited to bring his eclectic knowledge and experience to Oak Health.

Riley Gibson B.S.

     'Ello, my name is Otis O'Malley (also known as Young Sappy Jr). I hail from a long, prestigious line of English Oak (Quercus robur). Though but a wee sprout, I am well traveled, having been a nomad most of my life. Recently, I have taken root here in Oviedo, Florida, and am happy to now call Oak Health Family Chiropractic home. I enjoy sunbathing, being in a state of zen, and reducing the carbon footprint. You can find me in the office listening to chillhop music while bringing smiles to all those who gaze upon my glorious form. Come in and say hi!

Otis O'Malley T.A. (Totally Awesome)

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