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The Precipice of Autumn

Though in the throes of peak summer heat here in Central Florida, we find ourselves delicately balancing between the vibrant Summer and soothing Autumn. As the leaves begin their natural progression of hues, as the temperatures slowly begin to drop, and as the days grow shorter, we too, naturally tread in the Sun’s wake. With fading daylight, as Autumn steadily approaches, we relinquish our control over the waking world, resigning back into our homes to allow nature to carry out its design. Leaves begin their descent, our constant reminder to let go of that which is not, or no longer, beneficial to our life, health, happiness, and prosperity. We are increasingly reminded that these warm, Summer days, like all days and like all things, will come to an end; and that is okay, for that is life. So we march onwards; taking these last few coming Autumnal months to prepare and plan for the inevitable approach of Winter, readying our seat beside the hearth and our loved ones. Autumn is nature’s last-minute gift, granted to us, to make sure that both our house and our health are in order come the following wintry months that lay ahead.

-Riley Gibson, Office Manager

Oak Health Family Chiropractic

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